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Large-Scale and Washable Smart Textiles Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator Arrays for Self-Powered Sleeping Monitoring
Lin, Zhiming1; Yang, Jun2; Li, Xiaoshi1; Wu, Yufen3; Wei, Wei1; Liu, Jun1; Chen, Jun4; Yang, Jin1

Sleeping disorder is a major health threatening in high-pace modern society. Characterizing sleep behavior with pressure-sensitive, simple fabrication, and decent washability still remains a challenge and highly desired. Here, a pressure-sensitive, large-scale, and washable smart textile is reported based on triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) array as bedsheet for real-time and self-powered sleep behavior monitoring. Fabricated by conductive fibers and elastomeric materials with a wave structure, the TENG units exhibit desirable features including high sensitivity, fast response time, durability, and water resistance, and are interconnected together, forming a pressure sensor array. Furthermore, highly integrated data acquisition, processing, and wireless transmission system is established and equipped with the sensor array to realize real-time sleep behavior monitoring and sleep quality evaluation. Moreover, the smart textile can further serve as a self-powered warning system in the case of an aged nonhospitalized patients falling down from the bed, which will immediately inform the medical staff. This work not only paves a new way for real-time noninvasive sleep monitoring, but also presents a new perspective for the practical applications of remote clinical medical service.

KeywordSleeping Monitoring Smart Textiles Triboelectric Nanogenerators Washability
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